Hi, I'm Brant Nielsen

I am a professional full-stack web developer and a senior in Computer Science at the University of Utah. Welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Brant Nielsen, and I've lived most of my life in between Southeastern Washington and Northern Utah. I've come to call Salt Lake City a home over the last several years however, as I've been studying Computer Science at the University of Utah to pursue my passion for Software Development.

In my 5 professional years as a full-stack web developer, and in my time as a university student, I have learned that my single greatest driver is this: creating technology with a human-centered focus. My passion lies not only in developing the software that powers an application, but also in crafting engaging user experiences that connect with real people.

I've had amazing opportunities to work on the kinds of projects that give me experience on both sides of the spectrum, from designing database schemas, architecting server-side modules and developing client-server interactions, to creating attractive user interfaces and interactive components that make users' lives easier and more enjoyable. I take pride in my projects, and I strive to help each reach its maximum potential. You can find descriptions of many of my projects on the Projects page.

I'm also a team player, and I recognize the value that people of different skills and backgrounds bring to the table. I work to find strengths in my team members, and try to bring out and maximize those strengths. I know that the best solutions can be found when people come together to give their talents and ideas.

When I'm not researching the latest and greatest new technologies or reading various blogs on UX design, I'm usually out getting lost somewhere in nature, trying my hand at artwork, or making half-hearted attempts to learn Japanese.

If you'd like to contact me, you can email me at the address revealed by this link.